I improved my todo List

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I improved my todo List


  1. Make a todo list.

  2. Use Eisenhower Decision Matrix

  3. Eisenhower Decision Matrix

    Do 3 tasks that build momentum

  4. Your long term tasks should have a milestones, and deadlines

For me the 3 Tasks are :

  1. Exercise

  2. Take a bath

  3. Read book ( at night)

These things keep me sane.

How to Eisenhower Decision matrix?

It's a simple matrix of Urgence and Improtance. Things become improtant if they are urgent.

You have too much tasks at work, maybe its time that you stop working on your side project or on entertainment. Delegate family wedding, or delete some mobile games.

Situational Productivity

Well, we all have done this. May i can read more in metro. I should optimise my time in the toilet. May be you should. Maybe you shouldn't. Don't waste your time at home optimising for your situational shit.

It's pretty obvious that you shouldn't waste your time optimising you time in toilet. You don't really execute anything in that time and you would never really have anything.


Your attention is limited. So, if you are building something very important and something important will have a space in your mind. That's a good thing. You can improve your time at home. That way you would have more time to execute your thinking staff.


Well, everyday you wake up. You make a list. A list of things that you would do in a day.

It can be list of tasks, exercise, or chores. You make a list. But what after that.

Do you have a way to give priority to something?

Do you have a way to build momentum?

Why some days you would do more things then other?

This are the questions that revolved around me. I was good at making the list. I want the list procastinator. I think i have a list for the next 5 years. If i am asked in the next interview,

"Where do you see yourself in 5 year? "

" Making my todo list? "

Now the thing about growth, is that growth happens after you have completed something. Well guess what you don't really grow, if all you have are sub optimal side projects that you neither show to other, nor you improve.

Also, a day is pretty limited. You only get something like 6 to 8 hours in a day where you can do thing to excel. Now you might say you have 12 to 14 hours in a day. You don't either you would fuck up you sleep cycle and lose like 2 days of you life just to correct your sleep cycle again.

Then you can't really have all the growth in one domain, you have to be healthy, and live. Even You would lost your hair with time. So growth would take some amount of sacrifice.

Time is a good thing. Now, how you control time is ever better. You can put constrains when you are doing something. Those are called deadlines. Now deadlines are not motivating. But more importantly, if you don't ship something, you would never sell. You wouldn't have money. Money is important.

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