21 Things I learnt in 2022

  1. Quality work is a habit.

  2. Cultivate a taste for life.

  3. You should work on removing parental bias from your mind. That can mean two things, one would be to stop normalising unusual behaviour and two, removing their mental model from your mind.

  4. Spending time with yourself is as important as spending time with your family, friends

  5. Whining about your growth on social media gives you followers

  6. Time is not a limiting factor; however, the focus is.

  7. Choose many; you didn't make a choice.

  8. Collect and Value your resources

  9. It is impossible to discern the pattern while within the maze. You can’t love something if you are attached to it.

  10. A critic criticizes the art, while an artist destroys it.

  11. Your solution is limited by your perception. If you cannot improve your solution, widen your perception.

  12. Outsource your chores.

  13. If you want to know someone, say No to them once.

  14. The only way to outlive yourself is to write.

  15. Persist or Perish.

  16. Having the ability to express your thoughts is an education while having the capacity to craft them is a skill.

  17. Help yourself first

  18. If you value something, prove it.

  19. Believers finish the job, while non-believers grumble.

  20. Your willingness to work on something that you value is your worth.

  21. Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.

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